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designing contemporary jewellery and objects

2015 | absence

11th November - 1st December, 2015
Opening Night | 12th November
Studio 2017, 6b/2 Danks St. Waterloo

majella beck | linda blair | melanie ihnen | bridget kennedy | erin keys | sarah maree mills | nadya van ewyk |









The tenmoregirls are a collective of ever changing contemporary jewellery and object designers based in and around Sydney.

Each year we come together to prepare a gallery space in which to promote our work based around a chosen theme. We are driven by the need to consistently challenge ourselves artistically, conceptually and technically and value the commentary that a group context fosters.

It is important that we nurture this lesser known discipline which falls awkwardly between design, art and craft without strictly belonging in any of these descriptors.

As contemporary jewellery and object design on a highly skilled and technical level is such a niche, the breadth to which we can push, grow and innovate in this field is almost limitless.