Majella Beck, garden of suckulents, brooch, 925 silver, stainless steel, silicone, 2009

Majella Beck, AUX-X4, brooch, 925 silver, titanium, aluminium, tape deck parts

Marriage, a glorious beginning – or chained to the stove?
For this body of work I’ve chosen to work with discarded electric stove coil elements. The rivets are made from gold melted down from my grandmother's teeth and jewellery given to me by my mum and aunties. This contribution from the females in my family reflects the idea of items being past down through generations.

Majella Beck, elemental, 2012, bracelet, Ni+Cr steel, 9ct gold rivets, blackened

What better to inspire time contemplation than the very element used to measure it? Being the sixth most common element in the Universe and comprising almost 20% of a person’s body mass, virtually all carbon on Earth comes from the stars. Opaque when graphite and transparent when a diamond, this element can even be confused for a metal when highly polished. For my work carbon is not a secondary element, it is the primary material and it implies time itself.

Majella Beck, 2013, rings, carbon

In my work the Presence of Absence I explore the idea of the nest. A nest is about creating a space for something other than yourself. The nature of a nest is creating an expectation that something should be present. My work is not about the empty nest, when you look at a nest from underneath and turn it over it could also metaphorically be used to fill an empty space.

Majella Beck, the presence of absence, 2015, rings, 925 silver and 22ct gold

Majella Beck, AUX-X4, brooch, 925 silver, titanium, aluminium, tape deck parts

majella beck