If my 15 year old self had started a glory box I would now have black sheets and purple towels.
While I do have purple towels it made me think about changes over time. My pieces take drawings of items from a Glory Box doodled by an imaginary 15 year old from some time in the past and think about what they look like after 10, 20, 30 years of use.

Linda Blair, 30 years on: biscuit, 2012, brooch, mild steel, enamel, 925 silver

Linda Blair, extinction: the ultimate end of time, 2013, neckpieces, copper, enamel, steel cord

These works are imagined jewels for Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England from 10 July – 19 July 1553. I am interested in how royal jewellery denotes power, or in this case the increasing absence of power. The pieces each represent one day of her short reign from its powerful beginnings to her final day when she was replaced by Mary I as queen and accused of treason.

Linda Blair, lady jane grey – day 1, 2015, neckpiece, 925 silver, copper, enamel, 23ct gold leaf