Glory Box reminds me of a good quality pearl necklace – a versatile piece of jewellery that suits all formal occasions where a girl should be presentable, as a wife and a mother. Poseidon gave Pandora a pearl necklace – to keep her afloat. Pandora’s box contained chaos, but at the bottom was “hope”. Marriage in a way is also like opening a can of worms, but there is always hope.

Kaoru Rogers, poseidon’s pearls, 2012, brooch, 925 Silver, rubber

My work explores the linear existence of time. Capturing a fleeting moment in slow motion. Waiting in anticipation with curiosity, hope or maybe fear. Seeing time unfold step by step.
How objects can slowly reveal time or truth.
How time is linear in the most mysterious kind of way.

Kaoru Rogers, timeline, 2013, rings, 9ct gold, 925 silver, brass, plated in various metal