Majella Beck, garden of suckulents, brooch, 925 silver, stainless steel, silicone, 2009

Jenny Daskalakis, love is more precious than gold, heart rings, 925 silver, 2009

Lisa Furno, madonna, neckpiece, 925 silver, 2009

A Mi Kim, ginkgo, brooch, 925 silver, 2009

Nikki Majajas, bling ring, the gold digger series, brass, swarovski crystals, 2009

Natasha Marcus Taylor, untitiled, brooch, 925 silver, bone, stainless steel pin, 2009

Jasmine Matus, moon flowers, brooches, 925 silver, recycled cream bulb canister, base metal, 2009

Radka Passianova, petals, pendants, 925 silver, stainless steel, stainless steel cable, 2009

Bernadette Trainor, wallpaper one, brooch, 925 silver, american walnut, 2009

Janis Valdivia, simplus, triangle ring, 925 silver with painted black gesso, 2009

girls against gold | 2009