Majella Beck, AUX-X4, brooch, 925 silver, titanium, aluminium, tape deck parts

Jenny Daskalakis, the sum of her parts series, eye pendant, 925 silver, topaz, cubic zirconi, 2010

Andrea Iglesias, no boundaries, object, 925 silver, buffalo horn, 2010

A Mi Kim, daily walk, neckpiece, 925 silver, red cedar, tasmanian oak, brazilian wood, ebony, stainless steel cable, 2010

Nikki Majajas, roads to nowhere, neckpiece, 925 silver, souvenir spoons, 2010

Natasha Marcus Taylor, salusalu no.2, neckpiece, silver plated copper wire, fresh flowers, 2010

Jasmine Matus, a cat, a chemist and an industrialist, neckpiece, collected plastic bottle tops, 925 silver, electroplated coloured wire, 2010

Radka Passianova, snowflakes, neckpiece, 925 silver, stainless steel, 2010

Bernadette Trainor, the bricks of waikiki and bougainvillea, light, stainless steel, polypropylene, halogen fittings, 2010

Janis Valdivia, wave series, rings & pendants, 925 silver, oxidised 925 silver, 2010

girls around the world | 2010