In my work the Presence of Absence I explore the idea of the nest. A nest is about creating a space for something other than yourself. The nature of a nest is creating an expectation that something should be present. My work is not about the empty nest, when you look at a nest from underneath and turn it over it could also metaphorically be used to fill an empty space.

Majella Beck, the presence of absence, 2015, rings, 925 silver and 22ct gold

These works are imagined jewels for Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England from 10 July – 19 July 1553. I am interested in how royal jewellery denotes power, or in this case the increasing absence of power. The pieces each represent one day of her short reign from its powerful beginnings to her final day when she was replaced by Mary I as queen and accused of treason.

Linda Blair, lady jane grey – day 1, 2015, neckpiece, 925 silver, copper, enamel, 23ct gold leaf

These works are a reflection on how we inadvertently use objects as memory triggers. These triggers are often everyday objects that evoke emotions and reflect past experiences. Into these, we transfer and embed our memories. The absence of these objects can mean the absence of the memories, thus, we cling to these talismans even as they wear and weather, glorifying and transforming them from merely an object, to something of great sentimental value.

Melanie Ihnen, embedded series 3, 2015, brooch, orcelain, crystals, stainless steel

Bridget Kennedy, one day this too will be gone, 2015, repaired pandanas fibre bangles, linen thread, raffia, coconut fibre, sterling silver. note: one day this bangle will break.

Carl Jung asks: "What is the myth that we are living?”. These ephemeral wax vessels are emblematic of personal myths. Humans are storytellers and love to create fantasies for ourselves; a myriad of stories that we cling to like they are our identities. Select your vessel and leave a payment or replace the vessel with something that tells your story. You must consider, how much are you prepared to invest in your story?

Erin Keys, nothing comes from nothing, 2015, blended wax vessels

Perhaps absence is a myth? If matter were interpreted as junctions on the grid of an omnipresent fabric of space, we may come to see the paradigm of nothingness as foolish. Instead of interpreting matter as shrouded by emptiness, we can view it as the anomaly within a vast network of that which we cannot see.

Sarah Maree Mills, absence is a myth, 2015, brooches, remanium wire, 925 silver

These collections of voids are transferable, ready to carry the emptiness, voids and spaces of absence that exist within us, so they can better be observed, contemplated and also celebrated; as a nothing can often represent the opportunity for a something, a creation, a realisation. To assist in identifying the nothings in our environment, an assortment of Void Finder Apparatus create a defining edge, allowing us to observe the voids and nothings around us.

Nadya Van Ewyk, voids, 2015, brooches, 999 fine silver, flocking

absence | 2015